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Almond Mall Trading Group, due to its permanent presence in Saman region of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province (the almond pole of the country) as the most important province in the field of production of nuts, almonds and its derivatives in the country, tries to consume in a completely professional and specialized manner. Dear domestic suppliers and traders as well as foreign customers in the field of supplying fresh, high quality and quality almonds to the world.

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Why choose Almond Mall Trading?

Remove intermediaries

Shortage of brokers, elimination of intermediaries and direct supply of almonds and their derivatives to dear customers all over the country

High Quality

All the products of Almond Mall collection, fresh, high quality, high quality and world-class, reach the dear consumers.

The price is right

When the crop reaches the consumers directly from the garden and the farmer's laborious hands, the prices are drastically reduced due to the economic efficiency.

Send nationwide

At any time and place, wherever you are, all you have to do is place a quality product on your doorstep by registering an order.


Almond Mall Trading Group (Almond Buying and Selling Center) in order to facilitate and easy access to fresh, high quality and quality almonds, dear compatriots, its online and offline services in 1399 along with physical activity and many years of experience in the field of product Almond and its derivatives began.

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